The first few weeks have been filled with activity. After some brief excitement over missing our flight from Addis to Gondar, we were met by a very patient and welcoming Adino. He got us to the guesthouse and made sure we were settled in for the night. Lorenzo and I spent the next few days […]

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The Comfort Zone

Lorenzo here with another blog. I’ve been telling people that I’ve had an unusual amount of wet weather this year, having lived in Seattle for the first half of the year and arriving just in time for the rainy season here in Gondar. There are times when it is literally raining the whole day, with […]

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The Power of Food

Lorenzo here with another post. For those of you just tuning in, I’m an MPH student at the University of Washington (UW) currently in Gondar, Ethiopia. I’m here until December 2019 as one of two SCOPE fellows working with University of Gondar (UoG) staff on two maternal and child health projects, FLAME and LAUNCH. I’m […]

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Another couple of weeks have come and gone and I’m finding myself constantly surprised by how quickly time flies. Something that has been on my mind lately though is the idea of giving. While give and take are a normal part of life anywhere, the amount that other people have given to me, even in […]

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1 Month In

Lorenzo here with an update. A month has passed since we landed in Ethiopia! This past week has been quite productive and more stable than the last, with house repairs winding down and work picking up. The random power outages and water shortages don’t even really seem that big of a nuisance anymore. We continue […]

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Hi there!

I’m Lorenzo, one of the SCOPE 2019 Fellows. I’ll be staying here in Gondar, Ethiopia, until December, where I’ll be working with my fellow SCOPE 2019 Fellow, Tess, and a study team from the University of Gondar on two projects – FLAME and LAUNCH – which examine a community engagement model utilizing a combination of […]

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My Time with SCOPE

I would like to provide an update on my time in Gondar, Ethiopia, and on my work with SCOPE FLAME. I am full-time student at the University of Washington (UW) School of Nursing (SON) working on attaining a Doctor of Nursing Practice in Population Health. I am on my final year (actually final quarter!) of […]

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