Arrival and Work in Gondar

I have been in Gondar, Ethiopia now more than one month. And is well! I arrived around the time of Easter, so Gondar was hustling and bustling getting ready for Easter holiday and celebration. For Easter Sunday, Adino invited me to his home to celebrate Easter with him and his family. Adino’s mother in-law prepared […]

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Goodbye to Gondar

The information we collected from all those visits to rural health centers around Gondar is now revealing insights! After thirty visits and seemingly endless questions, we now have a fuller picture of the current health care services available to pregnant women. We learned that although midwifery services are readily available and free at all of […]

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FLAME Qualitative Data Collection

Qualitative Research Preparation This is my final workweek in Ethiopia and I would like to share with you our progress on qualitative data collection for the FLAME study. As many of you know, the FLAME intervention will pair priests with health workers and train them to conduct community outreach to encourage pregnant women to receive […]

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Our Ful Family

As you know, ful is one my favorite Ethiopian dishes – a delicious mixture of cooked fava beans, accompanied with a side of onions, tomatoes, garlic, and jalapenos. Ful is a breakfast dish and for nearly 4 months, I struggled to find a shop that would serve ful past mid-morning. However, about two months ago, […]

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A SCOPE Thanksgiving

As SCOPE takes on a major research study, the team working here in Gondar has expanded. While Getahun and Adino provide leadership, Sheldon and I also work closely with local Data Collectors and Gondar-based SCOPE Fellows to do the ‘legwork’ of the study (like visiting rural health centers). The Fellows and Data Collectors are our […]

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A Lesson in Health Promotion

When the SCOPE team visited from Seattle, they had an idea. “Why don’t we create a poster to put up in the health centers SCOPE works with, to show people what we do?” So in our office in Gondar, Sheldon and I played around with images and layouts, trying to express the “essence” of SCOPE. […]

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