I had the distinct pleasure of joining a group of SCOPE board members and supporters in Lalibela for the weekend. Both the company and the location were wonderful.   The Company A group of 7 Seattle-based SCOPE board members and supporters visited Ethiopia for about 1.5 weeks. They spent the bulk of their time in […]

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Adino in America!

Our dear friend and colleague, Adino, is off to America! He has been accepted to an intensive two-week Implementation Science course at the University of Washington in Seattle. The course will cover methods of improving global health implementation, including applied engineering, management tools, health systems, and policy research. We are excited for the skills and […]

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Aymba Health Center Visit

Last week, Elizabeth, Adino, and I had the pleasure of visiting one of SCOPE’s sites – Aymba Health Center. We took local minibus transport to Aymba village center, which is located about 40km outside of Gondar. We then walked across the river to the Aymba health center. Many children were bathing, swimming, and playing in […]

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SCOPE’s wonderful work culture

After ~3 weeks of living in Gondar, Elizabeth and I have had the opportunity to reflect on our work thus far. I am truly impressed by the Gondar study coordinators and the wonderful SCOPE work culture. The anecdotes below provide a brief depiction of my work experience thus far.   A ‘Typical’ Day Every Monday-Friday, […]

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Our love for ful

Elizabeth and I have discovered a breakfast dish called ful that we absolutely love! It is comprised of cooked fava beans, accompanied with a side of onions, tomatoes, garlic, and jalapenos. It is served with bread, which you dip into the ful, similar to the way you would eat crackers with hummus. Elizabeth and I […]

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