Timkat in Gondar, Ethiopia

I had the pleasure to celebrate Timkat in Ethiopia on January 19, 2019 this year. Timkat is an Ethiopian Orthodox holiday that celebrates Epiphany, which commemorates the baptism of Jesus. My understanding of Timkat is that it is actually celebrated over nearly three days, and other small Timkat’s occur in the following weeks. My housemate, […]

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Recent SCOPE Fellow-Kendalem Asmare

November 27, 2018 Gregorian Calendar For this month’s blog post, I have focused on interviewing both of our most current Ethiopian SCOPE fellows, Kendalem Asmare and Simegnew Handebo. Both have finished their SCOPE Fellowship recently.  I interviewed Kendalem this morning in one of the PhD Nursing offices at the University of Gondar hospital campus; I […]

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Rebekah here. I am going onto now my seventh month working with the SCOPE FLAME team.  I had some time off during the University of Washington academic summer break to spend time with my mother and friends. Now I am back with SCOPE and energized to continue the powerful work that SCOPE provides to the […]

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Holiday’s in Ethiopia

Within the last month, I have been able to celebrate two special holidays in Ethiopia. The first being the Ethiopian New Year’s (September 11) and the second holiday being Meskel (finding of the true cross, September 27). Ethiopian New Year’s: The year in Ethiopia turned from 2010 to 2011.  Whereas the United States runs on […]

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Chenchoq Health Center visit

August 25, 2018 After a long wait for the rains to stop, the roads to clear and the political turmoils to settle we finally were able to schedule our health center visits. On the 25th of August,  a memorable day for me,  I joined the FLAME data collection team on my first ever health center […]

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