Exploring the Neighborhood

I (Elizabeth) LOVE African markets. I love the winding dirt paths and stalls stuffed with plastic, metal and fabric wares- everything you need to run a proper home here. I love the search for that “one thing” that I need or want- asking in my broken version of the local language supplemented with a broad […]

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Our love for ful

Elizabeth and I have discovered a breakfast dish called ful that we absolutely love! It is comprised of cooked fava beans, accompanied with a side of onions, tomatoes, garlic, and jalapenos. It is served with bread, which you dip into the ful, similar to the way you would eat crackers with hummus. Elizabeth and I […]

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Home Improvement

As part of the SCOPE fellowship, Sheldon and I are housed in the University of Gondar Guest House. The guest house is comprised of about twenty apartments encircling a shady courtyard, filled with tall, swaying trees and constant songbird trills. Sheldon and I share a two-bedroom apartment with a balcony, sitting room, and basic kitchen. […]

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A few thoughts from the plane

Elizabeth and I met up in Los Angeles airport at gate 68B. We are currently sitting on the plane in Dublin airport as we refuel for the final leg of our trip to Addis. The past few days were hectic planning, packing, running last minute errands, and saying goodbye to friends and family. Now that […]

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Preparing to Depart

In an hour I will be on a plane- the first of three in the 24-hour-plus journey to Gondar. I’ve sent my bags through and cleared security, and I have an hour here, of peace and quiet in the terminal, before embarking on this next big adventure. This journey started in December, when I applied […]

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Coming soon: SCOPE stories from graduate fellows Elizabeth Karman and Sheldon Halsted

Next week SCOPE fellows Elizabeth and Sheldon will embark on their six month journey in Gondar, Ethiopia. ¬†Both Masters of Public Health students will work on SCOPE’s Faith Leaders Advocating for Maternal Empowerment (FLAME) project under the supervision of Dr. Getahun Asres at the University of Gondar in Ethiopia. ¬†Follow their journey as they navigate […]

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