SCOPE’s wonderful work culture

After ~3 weeks of living in Gondar, Elizabeth and I have had the opportunity to reflect on our work thus far. I am truly impressed by the Gondar study coordinators and the wonderful SCOPE work culture. The anecdotes below provide a brief depiction of my work experience thus far.   A ‘Typical’ Day Every Monday-Friday, […]

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Exploring the Neighborhood

I (Elizabeth) LOVE African markets. I love the winding dirt paths and stalls stuffed with plastic, metal and fabric wares- everything you need to run a proper home here. I love the search for that “one thing” that I need or want- asking in my broken version of the local language supplemented with a broad […]

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Our love for ful

Elizabeth and I have discovered a breakfast dish called ful that we absolutely love! It is comprised of cooked fava beans, accompanied with a side of onions, tomatoes, garlic, and jalapenos. It is served with bread, which you dip into the ful, similar to the way you would eat crackers with hummus. Elizabeth and I […]

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Home Improvement

As part of the SCOPE fellowship, Sheldon and I are housed in the University of Gondar Guest House. The guest house is comprised of about twenty apartments encircling a shady courtyard, filled with tall, swaying trees and constant songbird trills. Sheldon and I share a two-bedroom apartment with a balcony, sitting room, and basic kitchen. […]

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