A Lesson in Health Promotion

When the SCOPE team visited from Seattle, they had an idea. “Why don’t we create a poster to put up in the health centers SCOPE works with, to show people what we do?” So in our office in Gondar, Sheldon and I played around with images and layouts, trying to express the “essence” of SCOPE. […]

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Going the Distance

When I first saw the list, I knew it would be an adventure. Thirty health centers had been randomly selected from within the North Gondar area. Some were easy to travel to, some were impossibly remote, but they all needed to be visited in person. Some seemed to exist only on the list itself, as […]

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Seeing SCOPE Through New Eyes

A few weeks ago, a group of seven SCOPE board members and supporters made the exhausting, two-day journey from Seattle to Gondar, to see where SCOPE has been working and to plan for the future. Hearing their first impressions and seeing their curiosity and wonder at meeting local health outreach and religious workers reminded me […]

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I had the distinct pleasure of joining a group of SCOPE board members and supporters in Lalibela for the weekend. Both the company and the location were wonderful.   The Company A group of 7 Seattle-based SCOPE board members and supporters visited Ethiopia for about 1.5 weeks. They spent the bulk of their time in […]

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On the Road Again

We visited six more rural health centers this week, assessing their capacity to provide maternity care and their ability to absorb more patients. The staff at these remote health centers always seem happy to have visitors, and are eager to chat and show us around. Here are some highlights from our visits this week. Elizabeth […]

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