From Nepal-US to Ethiopia

The beginning My first ever journey to Ethiopia and the whole continent of Africa, began with an early morning flight from Dulles Airport, Washington DC. I was standing in line to collect my boarding pass and I could already feel the welcoming vibes around me. Every one- passengers awaiting in the line, fellow seated next […]

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Blue Nile Falls

During the weekends when I’m not working, I have been able to travel to the historical sites surrounding Gondar. One of the highlights of my trips have been traveling to Bahir Dahr and visiting the Blue Nile Falls. Rebecca, Favian (our German friend who is doing rotations at the UoG) and I took a 1 […]

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The Passion is Palpable

Intervention follow up group discussions Over the last few weeks we did our first and second site visits for the intervention follow-up group discussions at all of the inventional sites. Atsedemariam is our furthest health center to reach by car (~4 hours away) and Musabamp is one of our closest (~ 1 hour away by […]

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Building Community

Building Community One of my favorite activities when I am not at the University of Gondar attending to SCOPE FLAME work is playing volleyball at the guesthouse where I live. Volleyball has turned into an opportunity to build community with those who live around me. I was able to purchase a nice volleyball to play […]

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Intervention Follow-Up Group Discussions

7.16.2018 Intervention follow-up group discussions have begun! After having some downtime following the FLAME training (see FLAME Training blog), the intervention follow-up group discussion site visits have begun. These site visits will occur throughout the year during the intervention phase. The intervention follow-up group discussions are intended to assist the health development army and the […]

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Written 6.29.2018 In the last two weeks there has been many reasons to celebrate! First, two of our SCOPE colleagues who are data collectors on the FLAME project defended their Master’s in Public Health Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Both Atalay Goshu and Mehari Woldemariam defended their thesis successfully. I was able to be present for both […]

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